Viabaltic Customs agency as guarantor of customs and tax liability

Export or import of goods is associated with customs duty. There are many formalities arising from both Norwegian and international law.


Viabaltic Norge Customs Agency acts as an intermediary between the Customs Office, Tax Office and the entrepreneur who imports or exports goods.

The role of our customs agency is to regulate customs fees, customs clearance, and other activities related to the movement across the border of Norway.


Viabaltic Norge customs agency is also a guarantor of payment for customs and tax obligations.


Preparing documents is not the only task; after establishing cooperation with the client, our customs agency becomes a guarantor for the client in relation to government authorities, crediting the client for customs and tax obligations.


The essence of the guarantee for customs and tax obligations is the unconditional commitment of the guarantor – Viabaltic Customs Agency, to pay (upon each request from customs and tax authorities) all amounts related to customs debts, taxes, and other fees in customs matters, as well as interest incurred during the validity of the guarantee on behalf of the client.


Therefore, we can say that the main role of Viabaltic Norge is to assist the client in complying with the law related to import-export activities. This is an important reason why it is worth using the services of our customs agency, where the professionalism of our customs agents guarantees that everything will proceed quickly and always in accordance with the applicable law.