Vegvesen Trafikk

a mobile application that provides access to road information across Norway

Developed by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA), the app issues alerts for events such as closed roads, convoy systems, and other important incidents.


The application is particularly valuable as it provides real-time updates on winter road conditions in Norway, ensuring road safety by alerting drivers to hazards.


With this app, drivers can select the safest and most efficient routes, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and other unforeseen road incidents.


The app displays various information on the map, including:

-Closed roads
-Important alerts
-Rest areas
-Webcams with photos and videos of weather and driving conditions
-Custom-defined vehicle height restrictions


One of the key functionalities of the NPRA’s traffic app is providing useful information for heavy vehicle drivers.


It includes details about 24-hour rest areas, some equipped with cameras and image recognition to display available capacity (as the service is being upgraded).


Additionally, there’s a route planner to assist in finding a legal route based on height restrictions and road use categories, such as timber transport, modular vehicle combinations with or without turning radius requirements, abnormal transports (12/100), and mobile cranes (12/65).


The app is only available in Norwegian. You can download the app «Vegvesen trafikk» here:


Download «Vegvesen trafikk» from App Store


Download «Vegvesen trafikk» from Google Play