Truck Traffic on Roads Towards Oslo - new dedicated lines only for trucks and buses

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is now facilitating truck traffic on the E6 towards Oslo from both the north and the south.

The collective lanes on the E6 sections

Hvam – Tangerud in the north

and Taraldrud – Klemetsrud in the south

will be converted into lanes dedicated for buses and trucks. Additionally, taxis will be permitted.

The re-signing and marking of the road was commenced on the night of June 26 and was expected to last 2-3 nights. 

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is also considering implementing truck lanes in the nearest future on the E18 westbound from Asker.

Since electric cars have been banned from using bus lanes and the planned renovation of Ring 1 in Oslo is underway, an increase in the number of cars and traffic in the areas around Oslo is expected, making it necessary to implement solutions.

These dedicated lanes for trucks and buses will prioritize freight and business transport on these sections. During peak traffic times when Ring 1 is closed, they will facilitate smoother passage for trucks carrying goods, hopefully avoiding delays caused by car traffic heading towards Oslo.