End of support for the purchase of biogas and electric vehicles.

Enova, a Norwegian state-owned company responsible for promoting renewable energy, has announced that as of 1’st June 2023 it will stop supporting the purchase of electric and biogas vehicles. This decision has sparked controversy and criticism from representatives of the transportation industry.
Enova has already discontinued its support program for the development of biogas refueling stations, and now it is cutting support for investments in biogas vehicles. Industry representatives are concerned that such actions will lead to an increase in emissions instead of their reduction.
Transportation industry representatives emphasize the need for predictability in business. Companies need assurance that they can invest in eco-friendly solutions and that the infrastructure is available.
Enova explains that the reduction in support for biogas vehicles is due to the need to allocate resources to technologies with greater development potential. The company intends to continue supporting the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which it considers more promising in terms of emission reduction in transportation.
Information for those interested is that the possibility to apply for support for the purchase of electric vehicles and biogas vehicles in Norway expires on May 31, 2023.