Relaxation of requirements for refugees from Ukraine

Relaxation of training hours requirements for refugees from Ukraine who were professional drivers, and wish to take up professional driver training in Norway.
The changes enter into force on February 1, 2024.

The majority of consulted institutions expressed their support for this proposal, emphasizing the importance of actions aimed at integrating Ukrainian professional drivers and addressing the shortage of drivers in the transport industry.

It is highlighted that the competence and experience of Ukrainian professional drivers are crucial for practicing the profession of bus or truck drivers in Norway.
Therefore, quick recognition of these qualifications and employment should be facilitated.

Upon the request of the holder of a valid professional driver’s license issued in Ukraine, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration may grant permission for additional training, theoretical examination, and obtaining a professional driver qualification certificate. The mandatory additional training includes a minimum of 50 hours in the field of freight or passenger transport.
The training must conclude with a theoretical exam.

The professional driver’s license is valid as long as its holder is covered by the principles of temporary collective protection for individuals from Ukraine, but no later than March 6, 2025.

There is a shortage of drivers in Norway and it is a big challenge to ensure recruitment and training capacity.
The lack of drivers applies to the whole of Europe, combined with the high average age of today’s drivers.

Ukrainian drivers can remedy the recruitment challenges and reduce capacity limitations in education.

The consequences of introducing this regulation will be positive for both the transport industry and the Ukrainian drivers looking for work in Norway.