Norwegian railways overloaded: Bane Nor refuses to increase train traffic, impacting multimodal transport of goods.

Norway’s railway system is facing a critical challenge with overloaded train capacity, leading to overcrowded railways and frequent delays, raising significant concerns.


As a consequence, Bane Nor has been forced to reject requests for additional trains, causing frustration among passengers and shipping companies.


The rise in train traffic in recent years has resulted in longer travel times and passenger irritation. The Oslo S, a major station, experiences bottlenecks when multiple lines converge, leading to
cascading disruptions.


Because most of the railways in Norway are still single track, the double track expansion is being considered as a possible solution to meet the increasing demand for passenger and freight services. But this presents challenges including high costs and extended lead times.


As of now, until new decisions and investments are made, Bane Nor continues to limit requests, impacting the transportation of goods on the railway.


This limitation may impact multimodal transport and increase a share of road freight transport in Norway.