New Digitoll registration solution for drivers at selected border crossings

The Norwegian Customs Authority has been testing Digitoll tablets for the registration of arrivals and departures at Hjortnes in Oslo for some time.

The feedback has been positive, and now similar tablets have also been installed at the customs offices in Eda and Svinesund.


Drivers of transport vehicles can use these tablets to register their vehicle’s registration number and receive routing instructions for their transport.

If everything is in order, the driver will receive a green signal and can proceed. If the signal is red, the driver must contact dispatch.


The tablets are conveniently located inside the dispatch desk, allowing drivers to bypass the need to stand in a queue and directly interact with a customs officer.


At Eda, using the tablet is the simplest way to access Digitoll and can replace a visit to the counter. At Svinesund, the tablets serve as an alternative when the light signal system is unavailable.


The aim of this initiative is to enhance the efficiency of passage, avoid queues, and reduce the need for manual processing.


We also encourage truck drivers  to take a «Micro-learning» course prepared by the Norwegian Customs Authority.

This course provides a brief introduction to the procedures before, during, and after crossing the border.

It is accessible on mobile devices and available in multiple languages:

Norwegian, English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Romanian.