Major change to cabotage legislation in Norway

Next month, starting from March 1st, Norway will implement a significant change in its cabotage legislation.

With new powers, the Norwegian authorities will be able to tackle cabotage infringements more effectively.


The Norwegian government has announced that inspection authorities will now have the power to impose fines on the spot for certain violations of commercial transport regulations, including cabotage rules in road haulage.


Previously, fines for cabotage infringements were imposed through procedures, but now the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will be able to charge fines during inspections for specific violations.

These include:

  • if it is not possible to document the international journey to Norway,
  • if cabotage has been carried out more than seven days after the end of the last international journey,
  • where more than three cabotage operations have been carried out under a Community authorisation following an international carriage,
  • where more than one transit cabotage operation has been performed,
  • if the transit cabotage has been carried out more than three days after arrival in Norway without cargo,
  • if the consignment note is incomplete
  • if the consignment note/documentation for national transport is missing from the vehicle,
  • if the cabotage began before the international transport was unloaded.


While the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will have the authority to impose fines on the spot, administrative proceedings will still be initiated in case of serious infringements.

This change aims to enhance the enforcement of cabotage regulations in Norway.