Huge landslide near Göteborg. E6 road to be closed for several months.

Swedish authorities are warning that the E6 road at the disaster site will be closed for many months.

A large landslide caused the road to slide, creating a hole several hundred meters wide.
The landslide area measures 700 by 200 meters, as reported by Swedish rescue services during a press conference.
Heavy rains may have contributed to the incident, but Swedish police are also investigating whether explosions at a nearby construction site could have had an impact.

Swedish authorities consider the affected area is still at risk of further movement.

Currently, traffic is being rerouted through detours.
The Swedish Transport Administration hopes to redirect heavy traffic to the E45 road.
The European E6 route is a crucial transportation hub, spanning thousands of kilometers from northern Norway through significant parts of the country to the port cities in southern Sweden, Trelleborg, and Karlskrona. This route is used by drivers heading towards TT LINE or STENA LINE ferries crossing the Baltic Sea to destinations such as Rostock, Travemünde, Gdynia, and Świnoujście.
It is estimated that around 10,000 vehicles pass through that way daily.

When planning a trip through that region, we recommend checking possible detour routes on the website