Expanded sanctions on inputs from steel and iron from Russia which came into force from 30 september 2023

In accordance with  Art. 3g par. 1 point d) of Regulation (EU) No. 833/2014 and § 17e. Chapter 4 Norwegian regulation concerning restrictive measures in relation to Russia’s actions destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, from September 30, 2023, comes into force a prohibition on the import or purchase, directly or indirectly, of iron and steel products (with reference to the products listed in Annex XVII containing materials other than those covered by codes: 7207 11, 7207 12 10 or 7224 90), if they have been processed in a third country and contain iron and steel products (listed in Annex XVII) originating from Russia.


For the purposes of the application of this point, at the moment of importation, importers shall provide evidence of the country of origin of the iron and steel inputs used for the processing of the product in a third country.


Recognized documents confirming the origin of materials used for the production of iron and steel products when processed in a third country.

In reference to this provision and the required proofs of the origin of products and materials used for the production of iron and steel products, we advise on which documents are recognized.


  – MTC certificate – material test certificatealso known as the mill test certificate.

However, considering obtaining MTC certificates for each shipment, especially in the initial period of the application of Article 3g par. 1 point d) of Regulation (EU) 833/2014, may be difficult, it will also be permissible to use other documents as evidence.

These can be:

 –  a statement or declaration, prepared with due diligence by the importer (as a party in the country into which the goods are imported)  confirming that the imported product does not contain Russian steel or iron,


 –  Customs also should accept evidence in the form of an invoice, delivery note, supplier’s declaration, business correspondence, or product description.

from which it will be apparent that the imported products do not violate the provisions.