Temporary exemptions from driving and rest time for goods and passenger transport in Norway.

The extreme weather leads to detours and delays for goods and passenger transport on the road.
Therefore The Norwegian Roads Administration introduced certain exceptions to the rules on driving and rest time.

The exceptions are to reduce delays and apply from 9 to 20 August.

The exceptions involve following:

– The daily driving time must not exceed 10 hours (originally 9 hours).
– Weekly driving time must not exceed 60 hours (originally 56 hours).
– Total driving time during two consecutive weeks must not exceed 100 hours (originally 90 hours).
– Continuous driving time of up to 5 hours before taking an approved break (originally 4.5 hours)
– A driver can have an unlimited number of reduced daily rest periods between two weekly rest periods (initially limited to three).

Those who make use of the exemptions are encouraged to keep a copy of the temporary regulations available here.

Please note that current detour routes may have restrictions.
Many county roads cannot withstand heavier vehicles. We recommend to check any restrictions before driving on the The Norwegian Roads Administration website  https://www.vegvesen.no/trafikk